Sundial is a permanent public artwork at Victoria Cross Metro Station in North Sydney that was installed in 2024.
Drawing from hundreds of hours of footage we shot in North Sydney's remnant bushland, the position of the sun and moon move across the video frame marking the hours of the day and night. The footage also slowly shifts to match the seasons of the year.
The artwork’s software randomises the playback of footage within the hour and also adjusts for daylight saving hours.
Displayed on a 12-metre LED screen, the artwork acts as a new railway station clock for commuters and provides a window into North Sydney’s unique and changing environment.

Sundial was commissioned by Sydney Metro and managed by Kati Westlake.  It is a collaboration with Indigo Hanlee and Lightwell. Special thanks to Jisuk Han, Fredon and Lend Lease for their help in realising this project.
Images courtesy Sydney Metro

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