I am Michael Thomas Hill, an artist based in Sydney. I make art and artlike projects for private commissions and public spaces.
I was born in Melbourne in 1962, and grew up in Sydney. I studied painting at the National Art School, and then received my BA in Sculpture, Performance and Installation from the Sydney College of the Arts. I also hold an MA in Media Art from UNSW Art & Design.
I create projects in a variety of media including painting, assemblage and digital media. For the last twenty years I have worked in museums and public spaces creating media installations for exhibitions. I founded Lightwell in 2004 and ran it as Creative Director before handing over the reins in 2020.
My artwork embraces paradox and aporia - moments of confusion, contradiction and doublethink - which I believe is symptomatic of our age. The ability to hold competing ideas in one's head is however a necessary strategy for life, and artworks that hold within them their opposite maintain their vitality.
I am also interested in the non-heroic, the small, the unfinished and the temporary, art of non-professionals, creative systems and data, museum collections and what they reveal, seashores and the intertidal zone, plants, and whatever is close at hand.
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