Inland Sea was created in conjunction with Lightwell. It is a three-screen video that helps visitors create geometrical distortions of landscape video sequences.   The installation comprising an iPad interface and a C++ app. The program warps 360-degree videos shot with a 6 camera Go-Pro rig.
Three videos were shot at different times of the day from different parts of the same bridge.
These videos were stitched from the six-camera outputs and mapped to a virtual sphere. Visitors can use the zoom, scale and axis sliders on the interface to change the views of the video. While 3D video is familiar to us when viewed as either the interior of the sphere (like any 3D video on YouTube) or the exterior of the sphere (the little planet view), this interface provides a chance to transition between these two views through some mind-altering geometrical twists.
This technique was further developed for the work Dyeing Breath.
The video installation was first exhibited at Sydney College of the Arts Gallery, as part of the Lines of Force show curated by Nicholas Tsoutas.
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